L-floor = low weight and low price – it’s so simple!

L-floor is a type of M1 floor. It is very durable and it can easily be adjusted to almost all types of vehicles. Our offer includes standard floors, but if you need to have a custom-made floor acc. to an individual order – we probably can help you out!

Quicklock leg is a very durable leg of new type – and even though we have limited its weight to 5.8 kg - it still meets the requirements of M1 category.

The legs may be delivered in two heights – 288 mm and 328 mm. All of them are equipped with one lever closing/opening system, mounted at the front, central part of the leg. We have opted for this solution because at the front of the seat there is always space – even in the last row – and thanks to this, our seat legs are closed and opened in an easy and accessible way.

Our L-floor may be used with many various seats

Our L-floor has been tested with dummies. It therefore means that if a seat manufacturer has tested their seats in compliance with standards in force, you will be able to use these seats with our floor.
To make sure which seats may be used, please contact us directly.

For installation of our floor you need glue, primer and safety handles – and we certainly have everything that you need in our offer.

We also offer three-point anchor rods for wheelchairs. Our offer also includes comprehensive processing of our L-floor, where we cut it appropriately for inner wheel arches, beams and heating.


At the same time we can offer complete floor, together with 2 mm covering – on customer’s request. The only thing that you have to do on your own is to clean beams and glue the ready floor into a bus.

Certificates of M1 category confirm twice the durability as the certificates from M2 category. This means that once you have a M1 certificate for various types of equipment, it at the same time meets the requirements of M2 category.

Almost all of our certificates are conducted for M1 category.

About VBI Components

VBI Group has many years of experience in sales and customization of buses as well as in sales of spare parts. Together with VBI Components ApS, a new member of the VBI Group, we can now design and modify new parts for minibuses and buses.


VBI Components ApS has designed a floor and several types of legs for M1 and M2 category buses. Our floor can be delivered to customers in parts and assembled by them. By this, our customers get a complete floor, with cuts for inner wheel arches and linoleum type covering.


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