L as in low weight + low cost

& easy installation


The floor is our own patented, which is up to 40% lighter and up to 30% cheaper than other well-known brands on the market. It can be mounted in just 20 minutes.

The floor (M1) is strong and stable and at the same time the position of the rails is extremely flexible. It can be adapted to almost all types of vehicle and has been tested by TUV SÜD in many different automotive bodies.


We can supply our floors with covering in the form of non-slip vinyl. The floors can be used in combination with several different seat types.

Quicklock leg 

- a lightweight seat leg under 6 kg.

- meets the requirements of M1 category


The Quicklock legs are a very durable leg. It is made of steel and aluminum and weighs 5.8 kg. It is available in 6 heights from 200 mm to 390 mm depending on the car type and wheel height.


All legs are provided with a locking system in the form of a handle. The handle is mounted on the front center of the leg, where it is easily accessible. There is always space in front of the seat - even in the last row of seats. It opens and closes easily without the use of great powers.


We have a wide selection of quality seats for the M1 & M2 in stock.

The seats are available in many designs, ranging from fabric or leather, with or without armrests, to seats adapted to the different types of driving. Ordinary comfortable passenger seats, gorgeous wide ambient VIP seats and seats for easy ambulance transport, with adjustable back and leg support at the front.

Over the years, we have tested seats from many manufacturers. And our floor can be used for many different seats if they comply with the applicable standards. If in doubt, please contact us.

Our seats come from one of the leading companies in the sale of bus seats. The company has a nearly 50 years of experience, where development is paramount.

We have everything you need for the floor


Our offer also includes comprehensive processing of our L-floor, where we cut it appropriately for inner wheel arches, beams and heating.


At the same time we can offer a complete floor, together with 2 mm covering – on customer’s request. The only thing that you have to do on your own is to clean beams and glue the ready floor into a bus.


We also offer:

- wheelchair restraint system

- transport wheels for the chairs

- cover for floor rails.

Certificates of M1 category confirm twice the durability as the certificates from M2 category. This means that once you have a M1 certificate for various types of equipment, it at the same time meets the requirements of M2 category.

Almost all of our certificates are conducted for M1 category.

VBI Components

We produce and sell:

• L- Floor for M1 & M2 (L as in low weight + low cost & easy installation)

• Quicklock leg - under 6 kg.

• Wheelchair restraint system - ISO 10542 tested


You save:


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