L as in low weight + low cost

& easy installation


A hugely durable M1 floor that can be easily adapted to almost any type of vehicle.


What are your needs?

The placement of the rails is extremely flexible and we can supply the floor with linoleum. We also handle carvings. The floor can be delivered 100% ready for installation.

Qicklock legs - 5.8 kg. & very durable
Meets the M1 requirements


The leg is available for all heights and many solutions.


It is equipped with an opening / closing system, which is operated using a handle mounted on the center front. There is always room in front of the seat - even in the last row of seats.


Maybe we have just the right leg for you
- just call and hear more.
We work and continuously develop new design solutions.

Seats - We have a wide selection


M1 - M2 - Standard - VIP

- depending on your needs.

Our L-floor is tested with dummies. This means that if the seat manufacturer has tested its seats according to the applicable standards, you will be able to use the seats combined with our floor.

Contact us if in doubt.

Everything within parts for minibuses

- specialists in parts for disabled buses


Glue, primer and safety brackets - for mounting the floor


Floor covering – 2 mm floor cover on customer’s request


We also offer:

- hand grib

- transport wheels for the chairs

- cover for floor rails

Certificates of M1 category confirm twice the durability as the certificates from M2 category. This means that once you have a M1 certificate for various types of equipment, it at the same time meets the requirements of M2 category.

Almost all of our certificates are conducted for M1 category.

VBI Components

Components for minibus conversion

  • VBI Components ApS designs & produces floors, seat legs etc. for M1 and M2 buses
  • The floor is delivered assembled in 1 or in 2 parts, ready for installation incl. cutouts for screens and heat
  • If you want floor coverings in the form of linoleum, we can do that too


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