+ easy to open & lock

Seat legs

A lightweight seat leg under 6 kg. - available in all heights.

We have solutions for single and double chairs, "bridge" for tip & fold chair, and legs for inner wheel arch for wall-floor assambly.


The Quickstep legs, which we have designed ourselves, are a very durable leg that meets all requirements in the M1 category. Of course, they can also be used for M2 buses, as the rules for M1 buses are stricter than M2.

The leg is made of steel and aluminum and weighs 5.8 kg.


All legs are provided with a locking system in the form of a handle. The handle is mounted at the front, in the middle of the leg, where it is easily accessible. There is always room in front of the seat - even in the last row of seats. It opens and closes easily without the use of large forces.

The leg is of course provided with a child safety device so it can not be opened undesirable.

VBI leg for bus seat
Seat leg to above the bus wheel arch
Bus seat leg to above wide wheel arch in M2 bus
Bus seat leg solution to above wheel arch
Pyramid shaped bus seat leg for TAF seat
Fixed bus seat leg
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